Saturday, July 23, 2022

How To Choose The Best Gift Packaging?

As a common item in life, gift boxes have long been commonplace. With the gradual change of life culture, people's needs have become diverse, so various customized gift boxes have appeared. For example, apples, in the impression, apples are all packaged in a big box, which often seems not to be related to fashion, but now the apple packaging has become more and more fashionable and beautiful. The outer packaging of the gift box is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also represents A landmark has become a synonym, a regional postcard, and a regional culture. 

Gift Boxes

If you truly want to give a superb gift to someone who is important to you, then you absolutely need to master the art of gift packaging. After all, gift packaging is actually an art in itself and it can be safely asserted that only very few people can accomplish this task impressively. Anyway, there are certainly tips and tricks to help you do this. Keep reading for what people describe as the ultimate 3 key factors in gift packaging.

3 Key Factors in Choosing Gift Packaging Boxes

First of all, in order to make the gift stand out from the rests, you can tap into the usage of colors to achieve the desired effect. Do keep in mind that you should try to avoid using the colors which are accustomed to Christmas, namely red or green. In actuality, you would like to go for colors which are somewhat unconventional or unusual such as lavender, ice blue and so on. It all boils down to the fact that these unique colors help to make your gift appear outstanding and most specialty packaging does this as well.

Secondly, the type of packaging as well as the ornamental accessories for your gift would have to depend on the occasion as well as the likings and personality of the intended recipient. A very good example would be if your friend is a big fans of the latest fashion, then you could give her a set of jewelry box with some jewelleries in it and have it wrapped in a packaging that consists of multiple colours and with some fashionable ornaments on it.

Last but not least, one of the most important key when it comes to gift packaging would be to add some personal touches to the packaging itself. Apart from giving someone something that you made yourself, you could give him/her the gift in a personalized gift bag. It is really not hard to add some personal touches to the gift as there are a wide variety of custom made and personalized gift bags out there on the market.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Weather the Disruptive Pandemic

The coronavirus first broke out around December 2019 when few people would expect this flu-like disease to be so much of a concern. But it turned out to be the great disruption to the global health systems and economy. Most of the major economies are still struggling amidst the pandemic. What's even worse, it seems that no one knows it will end...But life and business will continue anyway...

After the early lock-down period one and a half years ago, Innove Packaging had been gradually returning to its normal production (if not over burdened in this summer☺) 

Custom Cardboard Gift Boxes & Tubes

Cardboard Gift Boxes in Production

Boxes Ready for Shipping

Loaded on Trucks

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Ocean Shipping Freight Rates Soared by 10 Times 2021 But It's Still Hard to Get an Empty Container

International sea shipping freight rates have skyrocketed by 10 times in 2021 while exporters still have problems to book an empty container. The shortage of shipping containers is yet another symptom of the havoc the coronavirus pandemic has wrought on international supply chains. The current situation is: exporters may not be short of orders but the cost has risen sharply. That means they are suffering from profit margin squeeze.
Ocean Shipping Freight Rates Hikes in 2021

Ocean Shipping Freight Rates Rose Sharply in 2021

CCTV (China Central Television) recently approached Taizhou Threeway Vehicle Catalytic Converter Co., Ltd. and covered the international shipping issues. Although export orders for auto parts are booming and factories are busy with production, companies are still mixed, pwith problems such as rising prices of raw materials and persistently high shipping charges. Threeway currently has sufficient orders. However, due to the rising prices of precious metals such as palladium and rhodium, steel and other raw materials and the rising ocean shipping freight rates, the cost has risen by at least 20%. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

How to Make a Paper Box Step by Step

In the heat of the Coronavirus epidemic outbreak in China, one factory guy shared making a square paper box by hand to kill time. It can be used to hold some desk trashes like nutshells, or other little things. Listed hereinafter are the steps:

How to make a paper box by hand:

1. Get a square paper, preferably repurposed from used items. What’s used here for demonstration is a piece of T=0.18mm brown kraft paper(22*22cm) , retrieved from a used paper handbag.
How to make a paper box
The thicker the paper is, the more rigid the box will be. But thicker paper make it more difficult to fold. You can find a trade-off here.

2. Fold the paper in half twice, to form two perpendicular creases as shown in the photo.
Folding paper

3. Fold the four corners inward along the creases and make them meet at the center of the paper.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Spectrum of Packaging from Simple to Excessive

— Implications in modern packaging of a Chinese allusion “Keep the fancy case but give back the valuable pearl…”

There’s a household idiom in Chinese which goes as follows:
About 2,300 years ago, a jewelry dealer from Chu state (of the ancient China) traded pearls in Zheng state. One day, he had a very precious pearl.
In order to sell it at a premium price, he decided to make a fancy box for it. He had a top carpenter make an exquisite box with rare wood, then employ a top craftsman to carve delicate patterns top and elaborately decorate it with superior perfume and gem stones. The dealer then put the pearl in and was confident of the packaging.

A person from Zheng State was deeply enamored by the pretty case and bought it for a high price after some bargaining.
But the story didn’t end here as usual!
To his surprise, the buyer soon returned with the case and pearl. The dealer was literally a little frustrated and expected he would think again. But to his astonishment, the buyer took the pearl out, gave it back to the dealer and left with the glittering box only!
This Chinese idiom is used to satirize people who are bewitched by the gorgeous appearance and give up the precious essence, and also used more broadly to mean lacking judgement and making false choices.

In reality, few would go to extremes like the character in the story, perhaps. But when it comes to packaging, it does render us a bit of deja vu, especially with some health products in China. Some products are not as valuable as its packaging and that’s not exaggerating.

However, the importance of packaging should by no means be down played, either to sellers or buyers. Aside from protecting the products inside, a good packaging go a long way in terms of communicating product and brand values between the two parties.

Then, at the spectrum of packaging from simple to excessive, where’s the right point? Maybe there are a thousand hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.
1. As a buyer/consumer, to what extent will you buy in a fancy packaging?
2. If you’re a marketer, how will you balance between luxury and simplicity of packaging?