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Why are cardboard gift boxes the most suitable packaging for camellia oil?

With the growing awareness of healthy diet, green products have gradually caught consumers’ eyeballs. Camellia oil is a type of cooking oil drawn from seeds of camellia. Its production process can be divided into: shelling, drying, crushing, steaming, oil extraction and filtration. Every step is a physical method. It is a true pure natural green edible oil.

Camellia oil is a totally new oil category and is mainly produced in mountainous rural areas. It has always been regarded as a royal tribute from the mountains. It is known as the "oil king" and is superior to olive oil in nutritional value.

Camellia oil allegedly has effects of anti-aging, hair conditioning, emollient and Anti-microbial, etc. Camellia oil also has the nickname of "longevity oil" and is especially suitable for middle- and old-aged people.

Despite all the benefits of camellia oil, not many people know about it. How could that be?
A good product entails a good packaging, not necessarily expensive, but the packaging represents the immediate image of the product inside and the brand behind. Therefore, not only should the packaging appeal to the consumer visually, but also help convey the merits of the product and the brand. Camellia oil, as a new thing to the general public, requires a proper and selling packaging.
 Cooking Oil Cardboard Gift Boxes
Cardboard gift boxes packaging, compared with other materials, has distinguished advantages. To name a few, cardboard gift boxes are more convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly than wooden or plastic boxes.

How to Select Cardboard Gift Boxes Supplier?

How can you select your cardboard gift boxes supplier? We, at Innove Packaging, believe that an important dimension is the quality of their products (cardboard gift boxes) . We can determine the gift boxes’ quality from these aspects:

1. Smoothness.
The surface smoothness for general-purpose gift boxes must be kept within +/- 1mm. This is the minimum requirements to make sure they look good. And this also, to some degree, represents a gift boxes factory’s level of workmanship and quality control.

2. Color.
 Color can make or break the custom printed gift packaging. If you see gift boxes with distinct color discrepancy, and you can just cross the maker off your vendor list. A purpose of gift boxes packaging is to add a touch of aesthetic and luxury. If a factory fail to realize the desired color effect, chances are it’s a poorly organized company!

3. Brightness and viewing angle.  
The brightness and viewing angle of the appearance of the paper can also be checked. From every direction, the cardboard gift boxes should be bright and gives a high-end look.

4. Safety.
Safety is also critical for cardboard gift boxes, especially when it comes to the packaging of food and tea boxes etc.

For all the emphasis on quality, there are many other factors that can be taken into account, such as pre-sales & after sales support, designs,response time and supply ability, etc.
2-tier Gourmet Cookie Gift Boxes

Sunday, February 3, 2019

High Stakes in Food Packaging Requires Right Ink for Printing

When ink is applied to food packaging as a printing material, it must be non-transferable. Prints in food packaging should not use conventional inks. The printing company must ensure that all the solvents in the ink are completely volatilized after printing. The ink needs thorough curing and meet the corresponding industry standards.

::Phasing out of Hazardous Benzene-solvent Inks::
In current printing for plastic food packaging, benzene-soluble chlorinated polypropylene inks are the most widely used, both the manufacture and use of which are in good practice. Such inks are mainly used in the printing of BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) materials, and through gravure. Despite the benefits of good printing suitability & post-press processing performance and fast drying, they also have as big disadvantages. Firstly, the solvent residual in prints from such inks is high and toluene is toxic. Secondly, as the thermal stability of the chlorinated polypropylene is poor, the solvents tend to release chlorine to form hydrogen chloride during the production and storage, which makes the ink more acidic, causing severe corrosion to the printing plate roller. Also, the benzene-soluble ink can destroy the ozone layer and cause harm to workers' health and safety during use. And the residue remaining in the packaged product will cause a certain degree of contamination of the food in the package. This type of inks are phasing out, and regulations for prohibiting or controlling the use of this ink have already been developed in Europe and some other countries.
Because of the problems of benzene-soluble inks, environmentally friendly inks came into being. The use of environmentally-friendly inks does not pollute the environment, nor cause physical harm to the operator, nor incur contamination to the contents.

::Environmentally friendly inks in the Supply::
(1) Water-based Ink
Water-based ink is the ink used in most of the flexographic packaging printing at home and abroad. It is mainly processed by composite grinding of water-soluble resin, organic pigment, solvent and related additives. Water-soluble resin is a joint of water-based ink. Water-soluble acrylic resin is often used as a binder in China. It has significant advantages in heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, pollution resistance and gloss, regardless of direct dispersion. Dissolved or synthetic polymer emulsions, all exhibit excellent performance. Water-based inks do not contain volatile organic solvents, which not only reduce the toxicity of printed residues, but also prevent fires caused by contact with static electricity and flammable solvents. Water-based inks are not only a new type of "green" printing ink, but also the best alternative to benzene-soluble inks.

(2) UV-curable Inks
UV-curable ink refers to a type of ink that dries or cures under a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light. It involves a cross-linking photochemical reaction, where a solid-state ink is converted from liquid. UV-curable inks are primarily used for flexo printing over flexible substrates. They consist of prepolymers, reactive diluents, pigments, additives, photoinitiators/compositions. The choice of reactive diluent has an bearing on the migration reaction in the ink formulation; the additives would regulate the ink performances (printability, ink migration, substrate wetting, friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, pigment dispersion and stability) and the odor of the prints. the spectral range of the pigments’ absorption of ultraviolet light should be kept minimum The ideal pigment should have good dispersibility, good leveling property, strong coloring power, and low UV absorption under light irradiation, and not harmful to the polymerization reaction. When printing with UV-curable inks, attention should be paid to the inhibition of polymerization, surface tension and wetting, the correlation between viscosity and humidity of the ink, and the expansion of the printing plate. Because of the poor adhesion of ink to plastic, it’s necessary to perform flame treatment or corona discharge treatment on the printed plastic.

(3) Electron-Beam Curable Inks
EB-curable ink refers to a type of ink that can be quickly converted from liquid to solid under the irradiation of a high-energy electron beam. Since electron beam has high energy, and has strong penetrating power for solid components such as pigments and fillers, thus pigment or filler won’t block the drying.

Friday, February 1, 2019

How to Design Cosmetic Cardboard Gift Boxes

Clothes make the man, that’s also true to products, especially vanity products like cosmetics. Somehow, packaging is vital to commercial success of cosmetics. Humans are visual "animals", we all like beautiful things. Furthermore, if a product does not make any change in packaging for years, then we have good reason to doubt the cosmetics brand. Of course, gift packaging styles vary largely in different target markets. There’s not a single standard that fits everywhere. Below are some opinions based on China markets only.
Round Paper Gift Boxes for Cosmetics Packaging
Therefore, the pattern of the cosmetic packaging boxes must be clear, soft, elegant and beautiful. Don't stuff too many pictures, otherwise it will not highlight the key messages you want to convey. And the color matching of the box is very important, for example, most women like white, red and pink, which are called women's colors, women's products packaged in such color boxes may easily appeal to them. However, most men seem to like serious & solemn black, therefore, black is also called men’s color. Thus men's commodities packaged in black can be favored by men.

Cosmetic color box packaging should accurately convey product information, as well as the shape, color, and pattern used in packaging. Do not violate people's normal habits. After all, the good feeling comes directly from the feeling of the shape, color, pattern and material of the package.

The most important thing is the box design of the cosmetic color packaging box. They can be specially designed according to the shape and size of the cosmetics. Different packaging materials, shapes and patterns are employed based on the cosmetics classification of being high-end of mid-grade. The packaging position of class goes a long way in cosmetics brand image and sales.

While luxury packaging is advisable for cosmetics in China, simple & green packaging is popular in some other countries. There’s no one-for-all packaging solution. All the packaging companies can do is to design and make custom gift packaging boxes that fit the customer’s specific brand positions and market segments.

Innove supplies various cardboard gift boxes for cosmetic packaging: custom round fragrance gift boxesrose gold round skincare boxes with telescopic lidshandmade personalized perfume gift boxeshexagonal shaped explosion boxeseye primer small cosmetic boxes, small makeup brush gift packaging tubesskincare packaging boxes with clear lidsbulk lip balm containers and kraft paper push-up lipstick containers etc..

What is spot color printing in cardboard gift boxes?

Spot color printing(专色印刷) is a printing process involved in offset printing, using a spot color ink (pure or mixed) specifically formulated according Pantone code. It’s a single and extra run other than the general CMYK 4C printing process, and thus requires its own lithographic film.

Then on what occasions is spot color printing necessary? (1) When the cardboard gift boxes designs involve gold or silver color. Golden and silvery colors differs greatly from rest colors and are extremely opaque. Thus they are impossible to realize on the print by regular CMYK offset printing process. In this case, spot color printing can be used to achieve golden or silvery tones (An alternative method to foil stamping).

(2)The prints often comprise uniform color areas of varying gradient colors and text. These color areas and texts can be achieved either by the process of registering in offset printing or by spot color printing. With comprehensive trade-off between improving print quality and saving the runs of registering, it is sometimes necessary to use spot color printing (An alternative method to registering).

Spot color printing uses a non-standard offset ink such as metallic, fluorescent, or hand-mixed ink. Every color needs one lithographic film and an extra printing run. Also, the potential for problems will generally increase. All these will be factored into the total cost of the final gift boxes.

[Innove Packaging designs and manufactures window gift boxesrigid shoulder boxes, decorative drawer gift boxeshexagon explosion cardboard boxes, luxury nesting apparel gift boxes of 3, and custom odd shaped boxes, etc.]

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Restructuring in China Packaging Industry: Green Packaging Develops as a Growing Trend

Recently, “Quality Month” campaigns have been carried out in some provinces in China. Local quality supervision departments have conducted spot checks on retail packaging for food, beverages, alcohol, tea, cigarettes,medicines, health products, cosmetics and other commodities that are selling well. According to industry insiders, with the increasing environmental awareness, green packaging has become a trend. The market for pollutional materials keep shrinking, while packaging and printing companies accelerated their transformation, making product packaging gradually move toward green & environment friendly.

Since the introduction of new “Packaging Regulations” in China, the packaging industry has undergone continuous deep restructuring. Some data show that about 55% of packaging related companies realize that a positive environmental image is very important for their future development; 70% of companies believe that consumer demand, value and recyclable signs on the packaging are important in their marketing activities. Compared with developed countries, China's current color gift box packaging market is far from maturing. While there’s no specific definition for cardboard gift box packaging yet, companies have no accurate understanding of the scope of color it.

A company executive said, the essence of their newly introduced printing platform is to, help accurately understand the scope of cardboardgift box packaging segment the packaging markets, grow a strong brand. While at the same time, the environmental protection measures will be put into practice, using high-quality green materials and advanced pollution-free printing technology.

According to industry insiders, cardboard gift boxpackaging, as an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and mature packaging form, has an infinite development prospect. And with the rapid consumption growth boosted by China’s sustained economic growth, environment-friendly packaging will have a bright future.

Innove is a leading custom cardboard gift boxes supplier from China, offering various fancy setup gift box packaging products and custom box designs service. The product lines include personalized odd shaped boxes, round boxes, square boxes, rectangular boxes, telescoping boxes, shoulder boxes, cardboard drawer boxes, collapsible gift boxes, explosion gift boxes, cardboard window boxes, nesting gift boxes sets, etc.

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How to Design Gift Packaging that Appeals to Consumers

Generally, custom designs of gift packaging has direct impact on the sales of the contained products. For packaging like Mid-Autumn moon cake boxes, tea gift packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc., consumers' first impressions would often determine their buying decision. So how can we design an attractive and selling gift box packaging? Listed below are some takeaways for good custom gift boxes designs:

1. Color: Color has a great impact on people's emotions. Therefore, we believe that the color of the wrapping paper can be distinguished by age and gender of target market segmentation: men should be mainly in cool colors, women can go bright colors or simple but elegant color, children should choose bright & colorful colors, and lovely patterns with corrugated cardboard.

2. Theme: This is the basis for determining gift box packaging. Gifts are available in a variety of themes. For example, love gift packaging can take heart shape or rose pattern,  decorated with Cupid's arrow, showing a deep affection. The family gifts can be decorated with warm colors to highlight the intimacy of simplicity and tranquility.

3. Artistic: Each carefully processed & packaged goods can reflect a certain artistic.  The role of small embellishments like decorative strips and ornament flowers, etc. should be paid attention to. They may increase the artistic effect to the finishing touch of gift packaging.

4. Eco-friendly. The public, especially sophisticated consumers worldwide are increasingly concerned about the environment we’re living in. This social conscience is worth promoting and can also be applied to the packaging to appeal the consumers.

Design & Printing on Corrugated Paper Gift Boxes

1. Strength: The flute design is the primary content of the strength. The corrugated cardboard includes single-flute and multiple-flute layers. And for each flute layer, there are 3 varying profiles to be chosen from: flute A, B & C. Multiple-flute boxes usually come in mixing flute profiles. Designers must choose the right flute type and profiles according to the pre-design knowledge.
2. Material selection: the choice of cardboard material is an important part of the strength design, it not only affects the printing effect, but also has a bearing on the physical properties of the finished corrugated boxes. For example, there is a close relationship between the water content of the paper and the strength of the carton. While choosing paper to use, different weather conditions must be considered. And paperboard produced must also meet the requirements in terms of physical properties such as breakage resistance, side pressure and adhesion.
An important reason for the popularity of cardboard packaging is their environmental benefits. Thus the use of consumables like ink, additives, polishes, and the recycling properties of paperboard itself must be in compliance with environmental requirements. And when used for packaging food, medicine or children's toys, the cardboard boxes must also meet the requirements of hygiene, health and safety. Of course, in case of export, it is necessary to consider the relevant laws and regulations of the destination country.
3. Size: In designing the box size, in addition to the reasonable length, width and height ratio according to the contents, designers should also consider the right container types to make full use of packaging space.
4. Printing process problems: designers need to pay attention to the difference between various printing processes. The printing methods commonly used in corrugated boxes in China mainly include offset printing, silkscreen printing, flexo printing, and gravure printing etc. Changes in printing methods directly affect other processes, and even result in change of print materials. For example, it’s difficult to use  water-based ink flexographic printing over coated  paper. When using the popular flexo printing process, it is necessary to pay attention to the layout.
With flexo printing, thin lines, small texts, and patterns with dots should not be arranged on a layout with a large-area flush color background. Because the full-page flush color background printing requires a larger printing pressure, it is easy to make small text and pattern deformation, causes printing problems like blurring, broken lines, missing font strokes, and dot loss, etc.  and will result in premature wearing or damage of the printing plate. If they had to be in the same page, then the exposure time should be extended to improve the hardness and printing durability of the plate at the fine image.
In order to overcome the unevenness and roughness of the cardboard surface, the printing plate is required to be wear-resistant, strong in impact resistance, moderate in hardness, good in resilience after being pressed, uniform in ink and thickness. Based on the pattern, the size of the text, lines and the material of the corrugated board, change the layout, hardness and making methods of the flexo plates accordingly. When the corrugated board is of poor quality or with full page background printing, thicker and softer flexo plate should be used. When the corrugated board has good quality or printing fine patterns and small characters, choose harder and thinner or resin flexo plates.
If the printing surface of the corrugated board is uneven, rough, warping and with other problems, it may cause filling in(糊版), crush, wearing or damage to the flexographic resin plate. Therefore, the quality of the base paper should be strictly controlled in the printing process of cardboard gift boxes.

Custom Designs of Cardboard Gift Box Packaging

Modeling and structural design are an important part of commodity packaging. Packaging designers must ensure that the box structure has sufficient strength, hardness and resistance to environments. There are two things to be addressed: firstly, the primary function is to protect the products, and secondly, it should meet the important characteristics of modern packaging, such as transportation and processing etc.
Qualified cardboard gift boxes start with the right structural design. Designers must not only truly understand the customer's intentions, but also be familiar with the subsequent processing techniques. Only in this way can the customer's intention be converted into a qualified packaging, and the subsequent processing of the product can be smoothly carried out. Before the design begins, the designer should understand the nature, shape, size and weight of the contents; the arrangement of the contents, the transportation method, the stacking method; the storage environment, the transportation route and time, and the box type and materials.
Once the needed information as mentioned above has been determined, it is also important to know whether the desired box is transport-oriented or sales-oriented. Sales-oriented paper gift boxes fall into the category of commercial packaging, and focus on the appearance of the boxes, and printing needs to be considered. Transportation-oriented boxes are industrial packaging. It is necessary to consider the requirements of compression and shock resistance. Thus, designers must determine the position of the opening and die cutting without affecting the strength. In case of reusability, they also need to consider the efficiency of packing and operation.