Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What are cardboard gift Boxes

The color gift packaging boxes generally refer to fancy gift boxes made of paperboard, fine corrugated cardboard, chipboard, stock cards and MDF fiberboard. They have the characteristics of light weight, portability, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection and exquisite printing. These paper packaging boxes are widely used industries like food, alcohol, medicine, cosmetics, tobacco, electronic products, etc. And varied types of surface treatment may usually be applied, such as foil stamping, die-cut, embossing, matte/glossy lamination and UV coating etc.

Gift Boxes Manufacturer
Gift boxes are the perfect packaging for any product, they come in all shapes and sizes to meet any need. Boxes offer more protection than a typical gift bag and have the added benefit of stacking nicely. (all our gift boxes are sold by the case).

Innove is a leading custom cardboard gift boxes supplier from China, offering various fancy setup gift box packaging products and custom box designs service. The product lines include personalized odd shaped boxes, round boxessquare boxes, rectangular boxes, telescoping boxes, shoulder boxes, cardboard drawer boxes, collapsible gift boxes, explosion gift boxes, cardboard window boxes, nesting gift boxes setsGourmet Cookie Gift Boxes, Flat Desserts Boxes, cardboard flower, gift boxes, jewelry gift boxes, Luxury Apparel Boxes, T-shirt Packaging Boxes with Clear Lids, etc.