Sunday, November 18, 2018

Paper Will Replace Plastic in Future Food Packaging

Paper and paper containers play a very important role in the modern packaging industry. In China, paper materials account for about 40% of the total packaging materials. From the perspective of development trends, the amount of paper packaging will increase. The fact that paper packaging materials stand out in the packaging field is attributed to a series of unique advantages, such as: good processing performance, excellent printing performance, certain mechanical properties, easy compound processing, good hygiene and safety, wide source of raw materials, and easy formation. Mass production, variety, low cost, light weight, easy to transport, waste can be recycled; and plastic used as packaging material is an important symbol of modern technology development, rich in raw materials, low cost, excellent performance, nearly 40 The fastest growing and large amount of packaging materials in the world in the past year. However, plastic packaging materials have obvious shortcomings in food packaging, and there are some problems in terms of hygiene and safety and environmental pollution caused by packaging waste.

Paper will replace plastic in future food packaging 
According to some data, the amount of plastic used for food packaging accounts for 1/4 of the total output of plastics. It can be said that when plastics used for food packaging appear, there will be garbage. In supermarkets and shopping malls, many food packaging is made of plastic. The plastic inflatable packaging of puffed food can prevent moisture, oxidation, scent, block sunlight and prevent extrusion, but such a large package is a great waste in resources; there are far more instant packaging, plastic packaging The packaging price of paper bowls (or barrels), the market price of bowls or barrels of instant noodles is generally higher than 1/3 of the sales price of instant noodles with the same quality, but this type of packaging is convenient to eat, especially when traveling. After the lid is opened, it can be eaten directly by hot water, and it is not necessary to bring other containers, so it is very popular among consumers.

As environmental protection requirements increase, it is necessary for consumers to eliminate outdated packaging. Improvements in plastic materials are also a priority. The food on the market segment can be used as much as possible in paper packaging to reduce the waste of plastic and environmental pollution, which is also beneficial for future generations.

The 'Crowning' of Paper packaging
The rapid development of China's food industry provides a broad space for paper packaging. It is expected that the circular economy will become the main mode of development of the packaging industry in the future, the recycling of packaging waste resources will be industrialized, the green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and developed, and the packaging infrastructure industry will also accelerate development.

The world of packaging in the future is made of paper, and the world calls for green packaging and cherish our homes. Paper technology will be widely used in the packaging industry. Green packaging will become the main trend of the development of the bakery food packaging industry in the future. However, paper-based wood, paper-based plastic, paper-based glass, and paper-based metal have become sustainable. The consensus of development. Paper materials have more renewable natural materials and more environmentally friendly recycling, fully demonstrating the development potential of paper materials.

Under the trend of homogenization of various commodities today, packaging has become an important factor in the third-class sales and brand image after product quality and after-sales service. Packaging from the original product protection and easy to use functions, to increase the value of goods, brand building, and promote sales. Custom packaging design has become an important part of the merchandising program. As the first of the four major packaging types, paper packaging will be more diverse in shapes and patterns,  more creative,  with the continuous development of paper materials and processing technology.

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