Sunday, November 18, 2018

Five major technologies worthy of attention in the field of paper packaging's printing

Below listed are the five major technologies worthy of attention in the field of paper packaging's printing:
1. Offset printing online hot stamping technology
Traditional hot stamping requires a special metal hot stamping plate. The hot stamping material is transferred to the surface of the printing material by heating and pressing, and the speed is relatively slow to feed the paper, which is difficult to be hot stamped with the offset printing. Offset online hot stamping technology is to paste the image to be stamped onto the surface of the substrate through the adhesive under normal temperature conditions. The realization method is to directly use two units of the original offset printing machine, a set of printing glue layer and a set of transfer metal hot stamping foil.

Advantages: hot stamping speed, high efficiency; one-time paper-printing and metal foil transfer digital printing, high registration accuracy; the resolution of cold-hot plate can reach the resolution of offset printing plate, hot stamping can be printed At normal temperature, it can be stamped on the surface of temperature-sensitive materials without heating; saving energy.

2. Web hot stamping technology
The web bronzing machine has taken the lead in mature application in China's cigarette package market, and will achieve greater development as the market demand for high-efficiency, high-quality hot stamping jobs increases. At present, the more mature enterprises are: Changde Jinpeng Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Qiaotong Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Yuxi Printing Co., Ltd., Chongqing Hongsheng Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Jiujiu Printing Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Zhiyuan Color Printing Co., Ltd. Company, etc. Enterprises that often encounter large batches, high bronzing process requirements, and short customer delivery schedules can focus on web bronzing technology.

3. Fixed length stretching composite printing to avoid laser seam seam technology
Laser holographic laser transfer paper is a new type of packaging material that is widely used in the packaging and printing industry at home and abroad. However, a major problem is that it is easy to produce laser-type seam RIP when printing on a rotary gravure printing machine, which causes great waste. At present, there are mainly two fixed-length stretch composite printing avoidance laser seam sewing technology solutions.

Packaging and printing companies can make reasonable choices based on their own funds and actual production. If the company has a rotary gravure printing equipment, it can use the off-line solution to suppress the irregularities, and purchase the laser aluminized transfer paper that can avoid the seams from the composite paper manufacturer, and only need to modify the paper feeding mechanism of the original rotary printing equipment. Yes, the investment risk and technical risk of the company are small.

4. Laser pattern imprint transfer technology
The laser pattern imprinting transfer technology is a high-tech that integrates decoration, anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection. Its outstanding advantages are: it meets environmental protection requirements, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is good, and the production cost is reduced.

5. Combined printing technology
In a sense, a combination printing press is no longer simply a printing device, but a streamlined production line that integrates multiple printing and finishing processes.

Combination printing is a combination of various printing process technologies, that is, integrating multiple printing methods (such as flexo, offset, gravure, screen printing, or even digital printing) and post-press processing on the same production line ( Such as light, film, die-cutting, indentation, hot stamping, embossing, etc., combine the advantages of various printing and post-press processing methods, and complement each other to obtain the best printing effect.


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