Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Does your packaging help to increase the mind share?

Every seller may wish that their packaging would catch the eyeballs of consumers and finally get them to pay for it...And this post may help to this end!

First of all, in the planning and design phase of the packaging boxes, we need to understand the positioning of brand products and target consumer groups. That will help us come up with the right ideas for appealing packaging.
Secondly, the recognizability of your packaging, that is, whether the packaging has its unique features. An excellent packaging should be well distinguished from other brands, having your own brand style. Ideally, consumers who see the product packaging would link it the very brand. This is very similar to being a person. Characters with characteristics are simply remembered by others. Just imagine, when shoppers are searching a certain type of products in front of a retail shelf, they would quickly scan the shelves and make their buying decision through a comprehensive evaluation of vision and senses evaluation on assorted products on shelf.

Thirdly, interactiveness of packaging. the uniqueness and heterogeneity of such packaging will impact on consumer choice to a greater extent. The packaging that customers pay attention to is not an image or a fancy, but whether the packaging can convey people's emotions, resonate with people, and reflect the level and lifestyle of the target group.

Finally, the packaging plan should match the characteristics of the product. This is actually the most basic point. Food packaging boxes should give people a sense of food rather looks like pharmaceutical. Or package men products similar to those for female.
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