Sunday, January 20, 2019

Custom Designs of Cardboard Gift Box Packaging

Modeling and structural design are an important part of commodity packaging. Packaging designers must ensure that the box structure has sufficient strength, hardness and resistance to environments. There are two things to be addressed: firstly, the primary function is to protect the products, and secondly, it should meet the important characteristics of modern packaging, such as transportation and processing etc.
Qualified cardboard gift boxes start with the right structural design. Designers must not only truly understand the customer's intentions, but also be familiar with the subsequent processing techniques. Only in this way can the customer's intention be converted into a qualified packaging, and the subsequent processing of the product can be smoothly carried out. Before the design begins, the designer should understand the nature, shape, size and weight of the contents; the arrangement of the contents, the transportation method, the stacking method; the storage environment, the transportation route and time, and the box type and materials.
Once the needed information as mentioned above has been determined, it is also important to know whether the desired box is transport-oriented or sales-oriented. Sales-oriented paper gift boxes fall into the category of commercial packaging, and focus on the appearance of the boxes, and printing needs to be considered. Transportation-oriented boxes are industrial packaging. It is necessary to consider the requirements of compression and shock resistance. Thus, designers must determine the position of the opening and die cutting without affecting the strength. In case of reusability, they also need to consider the efficiency of packing and operation.

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