Sunday, January 20, 2019

How to Design Gift Packaging that Appeals to Consumers

Generally, custom designs of gift packaging has direct impact on the sales of the contained products. For packaging like Mid-Autumn moon cake boxes, tea gift packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc., consumers' first impressions would often determine their buying decision. So how can we design an attractive and selling gift box packaging? Listed below are some takeaways for good custom gift boxes designs:

1. Color: Color has a great impact on people's emotions. Therefore, we believe that the color of the wrapping paper can be distinguished by age and gender of target market segmentation: men should be mainly in cool colors, women can go bright colors or simple but elegant color, children should choose bright & colorful colors, and lovely patterns with corrugated cardboard.

2. Theme: This is the basis for determining gift box packaging. Gifts are available in a variety of themes. For example, love gift packaging can take heart shape or rose pattern,  decorated with Cupid's arrow, showing a deep affection. The family gifts can be decorated with warm colors to highlight the intimacy of simplicity and tranquility.

3. Artistic: Each carefully processed & packaged goods can reflect a certain artistic.  The role of small embellishments like decorative strips and ornament flowers, etc. should be paid attention to. They may increase the artistic effect to the finishing touch of gift packaging.

4. Eco-friendly. The public, especially sophisticated consumers worldwide are increasingly concerned about the environment we’re living in. This social conscience is worth promoting and can also be applied to the packaging to appeal the consumers.

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